NSRGNTS Artist Votan Ik


Votan Ik of NSRGNTS

Meet Votan Ik, a Los Angeles-born Native artist with a rich heritage that encompasses Maya and Naoa ancestry. Growing up in the vibrant community of Venice, CA, Votan's artistic expression is a unique fusion of Street Art, Graphic Design, and traditional Mayan designs. Through his creative endeavors, he pays homage to his ancestral roots while embracing contemporary forms of artistic expression.

As a co-owner and contributing artist of the NSRGNTS Brand/Collective, Votan passionately collaborates with Native and Indigenous tribes and organizations across North America. Over the past 22 years, the collective has immersed itself in various communities on Turtle Island, using large-scale murals as a powerful medium to amplify Indigenous voices and empower movements. NSRGNTS strives to manifest the visibility of Indigenous nations, advocating for their rights and self-determination.

Votan's artistic journey has taken him on transformative Artist in Residence experiences in Germany, Ecuador, the United Arab Emirates, and numerous locations throughout the United States. These opportunities have provided a platform for him to educate audiences about the complexity and richness of Indigenous Nations, sparking vital conversations about their rights, existence, and thriving.

His remarkable contributions have earned him a prominent place in the permanent exhibition "Becoming Los Angeles" at the esteemed Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, solidifying his role in shaping the city's art history.

In 2017, Votan and the NSRGNTS art collective received a prestigious proclamation from the city of Duluth, Minnesota, in recognition of their exceptional three-story mural. This striking artwork depicts a female Anishinaabe Water Protector, symbolizing the guardianship of all bodies of water. Inspired by movements such as Standing Rock and MMIG2S, the mural also pays tribute to the resilient spirit of the Zapatistas movement.

Votan continues to create awe-inspiring large-scale murals. As a steadfast advocate for Indigenous rights, he manages the brand/collective using the creative platform to catalyze positive change and elevate Indigenous narratives.

Votan's artistic journey and dedication to fostering understanding, visibility, and empowerment within Indigenous communities demonstrate his profound commitment to nurturing cultural pride and inspiring a more inclusive world. His art serves as a catalyst for positive transformation, making a lasting impact on the lives of those who encounter his powerful and evocative creations.


Artist Portrait: Votan Ik // Activist Graphics from LACMA from LACMA on Vimeo.



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