NSRGNTS Artist Votan Ik


Votan Ik of NSRGNTS


Votan Henriquez, is a Los Angeles born Native artist of Maya and Naoa ancestry. His artistic style is a blend of Street Art, Graphic Design, and Photography. He is a contributing artist and owner of the NSRGNTS Brand/Collective who works closely with Native tribes and organizations across the North American continent. The collective has worked across Turtle Island within these communities for the last 22 years. NSRGNTS focuses on amplifying indigenous voices, empowering movements and manifesting the visibility of Indigenous nations through the use of large scale murals.

Votan has participated in Artist in Residences in Germany, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates and across the U.S. These opportunities have organically given way for truthful education on the complexity of Indigenous Nations. His works have helped broaden the conversations of Indigenous peoples rights to exist, thrive and practice self-determination. Votan is featured in the permanent exhibition “Becoming Los Angeles” at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles as a contributor in shaping L.A.’s art history.

In 2017, the NSRGNTS collective was awarded a proclamation by the city of Duluth, in Minnesota. The proclamation is in honor of the three story mural which depicts a female Anishinaabe Water Protector, she is a protector of all bodies of water. The mural was inspired by the Standing Rock Movement, the MMIG2S Movement, along with paying homage to the Zapatistas movement. 

Votan currently resides in New Mexico with his partner Povi Marie (also of NSRGNTS). Together they continue to create large scale murals, advocate for Indigenous rights, as well as manage the brand/collective.

Artist Portrait: Votan Ik // Activist Graphics from LACMA from LACMA on Vimeo.



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