NSRGNTS Artist: Povi Marie

Povi Marie of NSRGNTS

Povi Marie aka Leah Lewis is a Pueblo/Diné woman who was raised in Tiwa Territory also known as Albuquerque. She is an active member/owner of NSRGNTS - a Native brand, business, and art collective that advocates for Indigenous rights. She is a frequent contributing artist and designer for the brand.

“Much of her art is inspired by her indigenous identity, background, and traditions, as well as creating art for children so that they may feel represented within popular culture. In March of 2019 she organized the mutual aid efforts has been providing for several Diné Chapters, Old Oraibi in Hopi, the Little Earth Community in Minneapolis, the American Indian Community Housing Organization in Duluth, and the ongoing efforts of providing care packages/supplies to unsheltered relatives in Albuquerque.

Povi Marie aka Leah Lewis painting mural


In 2017, Leah along with her partner Votan of NSRGNTS painted a three-story MMIW/Water Protector named Ganawenjiige Onigam mural in Downtown Duluth on the A.I.C.H.O. building bringing awareness to the rampant issue of MMIW that is plaguing our Native Communities. The mural was in collaboration with Honor the Earth and AICHO, and speaks boldly on the detrimental effects of big oil, mancamps, human trafficking, and negative environmental impacts on the land. The collective received many gifts from the community and a proclamation from the city of Duluth for their work.

Povi continues to create murals, create for the brand, along with homeschooling the couple's children. Realizing there is a major lack of Indigenous based curriculum for school-aged children, she has partnered with others to create supplementary educational materials that can be applied to any Indigenous Nation.

Leah is working on a documentary that goes in-depth of the process of repatriation and also into the boarding school system. This film will shed light on generational trauma, colonization, healing, and decolonization.